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   Digital Marketing    Pinterest Outlines Rising Pin Trends in Latest Report [Infographic]
Pinterest Trends | Mind Frame India Ad Agency in Mumbai

Pinterest Outlines Rising Pin Trends in Latest Report [Infographic]

Pinterest Trends has released its latest listing of rising Pinterest trends, providing key usage insight to help in mapping out your platform strategy.

Each month, Pinterest’s team highlights topics and trends that are gaining significant momentum across the platform, revealing key areas of interest among the platform’s 322 million users. If your business can tap into any of these with your Pin campaigns, it’ll likely help you boost exposure, and better connect with interested users.

And as an extra this month, Pinterest has also published a new ‘Holiday Gift Report’, which showcases the top trending gifts based on what Pinterest shoppers are searching for.

If you’re considering what you should be showcasing on your brand Pin boards, or even if you’re considering what items should be the biggest focus of your upcoming holiday campaigns, these two reports could provide some interesting food for thought.

You can check out Pinterest’s Holiday Gift Report here, and you can check out the November Pin Trends report below.

Pinterest Trends Outlines | Mind Frame India Ad Agency in Mumbai

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