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   Digital Marketing    The Power of Hashtags on Social Media
The Power of Hashtags

The Power of Hashtags on Social Media

 The Power of Hashtags on Social Media

An online marketer of an online business is bound to know about the Importance of the power of hashtags in the world of social media. But this is something that everybody with an online presence should be familiar with. To be able to use hashtags for any social media channels, one must know the value of hashtags and the success or growth that comes with it. Online businesses have successfully grown their audience and even gone viral, all thank to hashtags.

It’s true. Hashtags make a world of a difference to your social media presence! Ask any successful online marketer and he’ll be able to tell you how hashtags help in improving reach and growing your follower base. But there’s more to it than just attaching a few hashtags to your posts. There needs to be a strategy and a structure behind the hashtags you use and the quantity you use them in, in order to get the right exposure among the right target audience for maximum impact. For example, using 11 or more hashtags on Instagram is said to bring more engagement to a post than one using less than 11 hashtags. At the same time, if you use 20 hashtags you may find that that has a negative effect on your engagement. On the other hand, Twitter experts say using up to 5 hashtags on Twitter is sufficient.

Using hashtags is just another strategy to grow your business online, but it does come with a certain level of research, planning and patience. Testing which hashtags work for your brand or business comes with a lot of testing, observing and analyzing. Tools like Hashtagify.me make it easy to find relevant hashtags most suitable for the nature of your business. It tells you hashtags that are most popular along with trends and correlations. However, the core idea of using a certain type of hashtags will have to come from you. Don’t worry! We’ll run you through the basics of hashtags so you can plan your strategy better!

Here’s what makes hashtags important:

Reach Broader Audience

Using particular hashtags on your posts make your posts visible to those searching for that particular hashtag. It’s actually a lot like search engines! A lot of people have started using Instagram or Twitter to look for particular topics, especially when it comes to visual content. Naturally, if your posts make use of trending hashtags or hashtags relevant to the nature of your business, you will be found by people looking for the hashtags you used! For example, a unique but popular hashtag like #DigitalMarketingForSmallBusinesses, is a relevant hashtag for a business like MindFrameIndia. At the same time, it is also a relevant hashtag for a small business looking for digital marketing services. This is how using hashtags increases your visibility online, making your posts reach a broader audience.

Generic Hashtag

Generic hashtags such as #inspiration, #future and #success have a higher chance of reaching an audience beyond your follower list or people who are likely to be prospective customers. For example, Apple would most likely use hashtags such as #technology; but using a more generic hashtag such as #inspire or #ThoughtOfTheDay is likely to bring it more engagement. It goes without saying that people searching for generic hashtags are large in number. Therefore, using generic hashtags on your social media posts can definitely be beneficial to your business or brand! But don’t overdo it! Like we said, test it out and see what works best for you!

Increases Online Visibility

We see millions of new posts added on the internet added on a daily basis and almost every other post uses hashtags. This is a great way to make your posts visible to more and more people online. This is great even when you’re not trying to make a sale but just trying to raise awareness about your brand. Brands get creative by using trending hashtags in a manner that goes well with their content. For businesses still trying to get past the awareness stage, use trending hashtags to get discovered!

More Value

Adding hashtags makes your content more valuable. This is because by tagging your post with certain hashtags, you are offering something to the people searching for that hashtag. If there is an audience out there looking for website designs specific to small businesses, using #SmallBusinessWebsiteDesign makes your post extremely relevant and valuable to the person looking for it. By using unique hashtags, you are offering valuable information to your target audience and are making yourself more discoverable. Online businesses and individuals on social media channels are creatively using the effective tool of hashtag to make their posts more eminent.

Get the Latest News

Hashtags keep you updated on the latest marketing trends! Ever noticed the side of your Twitter feed with a column of random words? These are trending hashtags that are being used and posted by a lot of people! This is a great example of how people stay updated! You’d be surprised at the number of people who log in to Twitter just to catch up with the news and trending topics! Twitter makes it easy to catch up on the latest topics, thanks to trending hashtags!

Better User Engagement

Hashtags bring people to your account. If you use specific hashtags on your posts, and if other people on the social media network go out looking for posts with specific hashtags, your post is bound to show up! But there’s a catch! Your posts must be stark and must stand out from the rest. For example, if you search #Autumn on Instagram, all the picture look the same! But to catch someone’s attention, your post must have something unique to offer! None the less, using hashtags on your posts bring more people to your account, increasing the engagement!

Now that you’re familiar with why hashtags are important for your online business, get in touch with our social media marketing experts so we can plan the perfect strategy for you!

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