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   Breaking News    Are we prepared for Market Uncertainties during this Pandemic?

Are we prepared for Market Uncertainties during this Pandemic?

Message From The Director’s Desk

I have been in the advertising industry managing various industry verticals starting from health care , FMCG , Insurance , retail , luxury , fashion , for almost a decade now and have gained over two decades of invaluable experience which makes me sit back and think is this what all these industries were prepared for !?
As we thought 2008 global recession was the worst thing that happened but being into this present situation which was never anticipated by anyone , so how does one handle this and what all should we expect out this situation we are all in ?
In regards to the current situation how the market is prevailing , there seems to be a lot of anxiety , stress , uncertainty of jobs , demand & supply concerns and various professions are hit by this so called “Pandemic” , this doesn’t seem to be stopping soon, so how are we preparing ourselves for the down slide ?
Are we looking into challenges and turning them into opportunities?
Are we looking at best practices around the globe as we all are in the same boat, or are we waiting for a Miracle to happen?
Preparing for the worst and doing our best is the call for action when it comes to any business.
Many industries are going to face challenges post the lock down especially real estate which will face the new stream of work culture of work from home and office spaces will be left empty , health care footfall might be a big concern to super speciality hospitals , frequent travellers will now avoid their frequency , FnB will anyways bank on food aggregator service but hygienic standards will have to be raised going forward, many business have to think out of the box to maintain their clientele satisfaction from time to time by being more proactive in terms of providing better hygiene standards and a better level of customer service keeping the down slide of the market in mind .

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