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   Breaking News    How to Advertise during this pandemic?

How to Advertise during this pandemic?

“In the middle of Difficulty lies Opportunity,” – Albert Einstein

Looking at the changes we have had to experience in the past few months, since the time the pandemic started, we’ve come to realize how our world and the way we do things has changed. There are some major drastic changes that have been introduced in our lives which will take some time for us to digest. It is safe to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has made us rethink everything we do. It has additionally affected organizations and associations everywhere on over the world.

At such times rather than going into hibernation, businesses need to make a decision and reach out to customers, not with a motive of just selling but with a goal to provide support and strengthen the existing relationships that they have with the consumers.Tools like digital marketing, email marketing, advertisements and campaigns on Social Media seem to be the growing path during this pandemic.

While doing this however, brands and organizations must be aware or keep in mind as they are communicating through the new emerging channels. Some of the following tips, might help businesses and organizations to communicate right in these crucial times:

Analyse the Situation:
Regardless of the worldwide impact of the pandemic, while creating campaigns, keeping in mind the impact on consumers at the local level is very pivotal. While running campaigns or advertising a business, research and knowledge regarding the local situation is very important. Remember, a campaign that relates with what the customer is feeling during this pandemic will make a better, long lasting impact on their minds. Also before starting any new work, what do you always do? First read about it, research it, gather some information to get an idea what it is and then you start your work. Same applies here. So always research and analyse the market before starting anything.

Be ready to adapt new things:
Changes could happen in a blink of an eye or take quite a while. Businesses should always remember the uncertainty factor that exists in the market today. Therefore businesses or brands should be prepared for any sort of change or new outcomes in this unpredictable world. They should have the ability to adjust or adapt to existing circumstances and also be able to communicate accordingly to the situations. The brands should take quick decisions, but smart ones. See what’s trending and what’s not and act accordingly. Remember – every decision you make today, it will have an impact in the future as well.

Consumer = prime concern:
Campaigns and advertising strategies were always used to shape the consumer’s mind, priorities and buying patterns. This pandemic has brought a lot of new sets of fears, stress and concerns in the mind of the consumers and hence, businesses will now have to discover new ways to create campaigns and advertisements according to these situations. A firm/thorough knowledge or research regarding what people are going through and showing support through the brand’s communication could help create a lasting impact on the minds of these customers. If the consumer feels that this brand understands his feelings, choices or thoughts, he/she may connect with your brand instantly. So always think about what the consumers want!

Stick to Originality:
If something was trending 10 days back, it’s not necessary that it will be relevant today. Remember this world of Social Media drastically changes every minute. And as the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a sense of stagnancy and slowed down global markets and economies, businesses in order to survive must look at new and unexplored models of communications. They have to adapt the new techniques of marketing and advertising. Keep creating original content through which people can connect with. Research about what the consumers want, what’s going on in the market and then create your strategy.

These were some of the tips that may help you to boost up your brand and through which you can connect with your audience more.

During a time where things are so uncertain, you will require a helping hand which can help you be heard, no matter what the situation is.
Contact us at www.mindframeindia.com/ and let us assist you with making innovative yet impactful campaigns that may help you grow your business during this pandemic time.

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