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Let’s Nurture Our Minds

Are we seriously on the brim of thinking still , what is to be done ?
Or are we gearing up for severe waves of the pandemic ?

It’s time we ask these questions to ourselves , the most important one , where are we and where do we wish to head & along with it what are Our priorities,
Can goals wait ? Will I get another chance to present myself to this upcoming opportunity which I find it life changing ? Is it that enthralling that I can’t miss it ?
These are the questions much prevailing on the minds of all of us every single day.
So sit back , relax and do some reconciliation and introspection with regards to your current situation and als those two basic questions to have a safe and secure future .

What are my priorities?

Once this one is answered then I bet you will relax and enjoy the lockdown come what may and take things as they come and would relish the time with your loved ones .
Mind you not to forget that you must provision a lot of time for your own self during this at home culture where opportunities with the outside world are lesser than our inner world our inner self , this time won’t come back which will help you understand life more meaningfully .
Having long chats , spending time thinking , spending time planning your future , helping mates and peers over whatever communication modes to transform and utilise this opportunity as it’s your own time your own pace for creating your own world for the near future .
This act of giving back what we learnt is what we can try and have some great ideas, motivation coming back to in many folds .
Also not letting any fears gather around you as this isn’t making you sit back but it’s allowing you to think and work upon self to the better you.

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